Write Like You Speak, Make More Money

How You Can Convert More Of Your Prospects With These Simple Communication Tweaks

  • q-iconWhat is Copy Conversion?

    Copy Conversion is a “Write Like You Speak” training course designed to increase your conversions from a prospect to a customer using proven, time tested strategies. Whether it is getting your email read and responded to, or using the methods and strategies in the course for more persuasive communications, this course will hone your communication with your audience. You’ll make more sales and build goodwill with your audience.

  • q-iconWhat is Included in The Course?

    This course includes over 4 hours of video training that is broken down into easily digestible chunks each week. There are 4 weeks to the training. (actually, there are 5 weeks, as we’ve added some additional bonus material). Each week you apply what you’ve learned and put it into practice. You get all of the mind maps, PDF’s, Word Docs, Videos and look over my shoulder as we created the course. You’ll be writing more persuasively in the first week!

  • q-iconWeek 1- Customer Circumstance

    Week 1- Who is your ideal customer and how can we communicate with them in a different way than your competition to get them to do business with you. There are many triggers to get people to act, and we’ll show you what they are. We will go into depth on how to identify your customers circumstance and how to speak to them that will get them to take your communications with them seriously and respond to you. We will show you how to speak to one person, with one circumstance, which will draw others that don’t have this circumstance to you as well (controversial, but true). Seems like the opposite of what you’d expect, but the results are revealing.

  • q-iconWeek 2- CAFA or AIDA

    Week 2- We will show you why CAFA will hypnotize your prospects into reading all of your communications and be drawn to your offerings. Why CAFA is more powerful than AIDA and how to deploy this immediately in your relationships with them. You’ll see why curiosity is the most important trigger in the human mind and how the likes of Disney to Proctor & Gamble to you, will do this every day in your communications. This will generate more business for you and make you the authority in your market. Prospective customers what to do business with people they know, like and trust. This week, your communication style may change forever as the secrets are often hidden in plain sight!

  • q-iconWeek 3- Headlines, Sub-headlines, Opens and Bullets

    Week 3- We will dive deep into Headlines (or subject lines in an email), Sub-headlines, Opens, Bullets that pull readers toward you versus the old way of pushing information to prospective clients. Education versus selling creates trust and goodwill and we will show you how to use this in any marketing or communication with them. You will also understand “Push” versus “Pull” in your communications and how to do this in every conversation or communication with anyone. (actually, a private client told me this works with his relationship with his spouse…so an added benefit!)

  • q-iconWeek 4- That First letter or Email Sequence in Action

    Week 4- We will craft your first letter (or email sequence) to get your prospects responding to you today. We will take all that we have learned in the previous 3 weeks and pull it all together. You’ll now have a new way to market, communicate and educate your customers. They’ll feel interested and responsive to your emails, TV, Radio, Direct Mail and conversations. No more pushing and all pulling! Customer experience will be different and so will your revenue.

  • q-iconBonus- Week 5- Autoresponders

    Bonus- Week 5- Autoresponders- How you can use autoresponders with your prospects and build goodwill through education. Teach first, transform second, transact third. We will walk through the sequence I used that probably got you to this page (if you didn’t get the emails, write me and I’ll send you a link!). Autoresponders are easy to use and once its setup, it is on autopilot! With more traffic to you (aka, customers), your conversions (aka, sales) will explode.

  • q-iconResources

    Resources-Links-Tools: A complete package of all of the tools I use to help you replicate your success. You get the 10 emails that I used to create the email sequence using the autoresponder. You also get all of the mind maps used in the creation of the course. You get all of the word docs, PDF’s and other resources used in the course. You’ll also get a list of all of the ads used in the course as well as some free web based tools to get you up and running quickly.

    This course was designed with you in mind. If you want to increase your engagement with your audience and get them to listen to you and do things like read your emails or respond to your requests, this is a must course to take and apply daily.

    You will learn to write more persuasively. Taking cues from advertising from the 1920’s and combining them with proven triggers in modern psychology will hook your readers attention, almost hypnotically. This will allow you to sell more and be sought out as the authority in your market.

    We’d love to say you will but it depends on you and the circumstances. You will learn how to educate your prospective clients and this alone is a different approach to sales or marketing altogether. You’ll be able to understand their wants, needs and desires and you will know how to fulfill them.