What Everyone Ought To Know About The Solar Contracting Business

Some Plain Talk About A Simple Business That Often Sounds Complicated

Why Are We Sharing This Information?

While We'd All Agree, Contracting Seems Easy.

Get Into The Business Fast, With Limited Investment.

But, There Are Some Hidden Risks Associated With This......

Looks Easy And If You're In The Building Trades, You Just Copy What Your Last Boss Did.

But Was Your Last Boss A Business Person?

Are You Sure.....?

So, You Dove Right Into Business.


And You Wanted To Be PROFITABLE From Day One And Continue To Improve Your Business......But....

Starting the business was the easy part. At least we thought it would be. We did it for a few reasons.

  • We wanted the freedom to work for ourselves
  • We wanted to help our customers
  • We wanted to make more money

Then we found ourselves working 7 days a week. On call, like a firehouse.

We ended up making less money. Our families missed us. Little or no vacations. Working weekends and late into the evenings.

All for what?

Seems like this was different than what we expected. We wanted more, but got less.

Let me show you how to fix this.

But Before We Do, How Is Your Business Today?

  • Do You Have The Right People On Your Team?
  • Making Enough Sales?
  • Are You Making The Kind of Money You Want?


But There's Another Problem...

You Can No Longer Afford

To Ignore The Competition......

Today, people from all walks of life jump into the business. Some have talent, some bluff their way in.

Some succeed, some don't.

Some use this information and are not just Successful, but highly Profitable.

  • Reason No.1: You Want To Make More Money

    You’re in business to make money and support your family. This is no hobby. Wouldn’t you like to get all of the shortcuts handed to you, or learn them over years?

    We all lack one thing in life: Time. Don’t waste it. The “Time is Money” cliche is true.

  • Reason No.2: Distance Learning Is Here Now And Isn't Going Away

    Watch, Listen, Practice, Learn & Earn.

    This is the key to gathering relevant information today. Learning via the web, at your own pace and time allows you to stay with your business and family and do what matters the most to you. Let me help you from anyplace around the globe at anytime.

    Look at the numbers for places like the University of Phoenix: They do Billions every year teaching people online. So does Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other prominent schools.

    Isn’t it time for you to get the education you deserve?


  • Reason No.3: It Is About Sales And Marketing

    We all want to make more money.

    We need more sales. We need more marketing savvy to make those sales.

    The one skill you need to constantly improve is Sales and Marketing. Doesn’t matter if you’re in customer service or engineering.

    We need a communication style your customers resonate with. What you are about to learn will not only make you more money at work, but improve your relationships outside of work.

    Just look at the top earners in business: they’re usually the sales people. They often make more than the owner.

    Don’t be shy to learn about sales and marketing. It is the lifeline of your business.


  • Reason No.4: Scaling Your Business Is Hard Without The Right Tools

    Scaling any business is never easy. Ask Amazon. They’ve invested billions in logistics, computer systems, robots and international offices and warehouses.

    We will show you how to charge the right price, at the right gross margin to make the right net profits. You will understand how to scale your business and you decide how big you want it.

    It’s always good to have choices.


  • Reason No.5: Execution Risk Without Systems

    Having sales and operations use tools to execute each and every day is critical. Most of what we do is relatively repetitious each day. This is why you need a system.

    People come and go at companies. Training is expensive. We will show you the system we used to go to $5 million in 2 years and you can use it in your business.

    This will give you more free time to focus on strategy and spending time doing the things you enjoy doing, like spending more time with the family.


We've Listened To You And Put Everything Into This Simple System, So You Can Succeed With Ease

You look everywhere on the web for the tools. You cobble things together from here and there. You kind of have a system. But you're not sure. You want more. You want a perspective. You know how lonely it can be at the top. What else is out there?

We have been there. We have suffered so you don't have to.

You've heard that expression- "Don't reinvent the wheel". Let us show you how you can do this too.


  • Course 1 - Copy Conversion

    Business is business. However, not all businesses are created equally. Some have communication down. Others don’t. Some understand how to meet customers at their needs level, others try to.

    We’ve taken the best of the best since the early 1900’s (yes, human nature hasn’t changed much) up until today. We’ve dissected the best email, advertising, direct mail, marketing and other modalities of communication and refined them for our digital age.

    You’ll learn to write like you speak and get more business without sounding salesy. You’ll become an authority in your marketplace. People will notice something different and its going to be a new way that you communicate with your prospective customers.

    It starts with Copywriting. How it gets delivered in our digital age will accelerate your success.


  • Course 2 - Solar Business Blueprint

    Of all of the things you need to be aware of, is the numbers. Most folks that start out in the construction trades, are trades people first. They get the idea to start and run their new business often by accident. Transitioning to the business person is never easy. You’re used to bidding and hoping you get the next project.

    How about a refined system to catapult your business beyond your expectations?

    You’re going to get what I used to scale my business. I hold nothing back. You see how I did it and how you can direct and assign people within your company to drive the initiatives. This will give you more time to do what you’d like to do in your business and free time.


  • Course 3 - Solar Sales Success

    Like with the Copy Conversion Module, you now need to have a system to go out and sell your products. We’ve taken simple and effective ways to get non sales people (Engineers) to apply this information and be out selling (okay, assisted buying) the same week.

    If you’re already good in sales, but want to be more effective, the combination of this sales course and the copy conversion course is going to make your life easier. You’ll be able to transfer that knowledge to your sales team to deliver a consistent message to your audience.

    You’re business depends upon selling and you can’t do it all alone. This system will get your organization as big as you want it to be.


  • Course 4 - Solar Profit Pricer

    As we follow this theme, we need a system to get customers proposals fast. Sales and operations need to work together in a tight margin marketplace.

    We need a way to replicate the sales process consistently. Solar sales can be complicated. Lots of variables. Lots of details. Missing something can throw all of the profit in a job down the drain.

    We took the cumulative feedback of solar companies around the globe and made a tool that will allow you to create solar proposals in 10 minutes or less. You’ll know everything- down to the cost of a tube of caulking.

    Customers are so impressed with the look of the proposals, that they look at you as a person who is thorough and detail oriented and are eager to sign them on the spot.


Our Clients Love Our System Because It
Is So Simple To Use...

We know we want to serve you and to build that bridge of trust, here is what a few people have said about us in this video.


"Take Keith's information and put it to use. It's invaluable. We now have a road map to get us to where we want to be and can track our progress and make adjustments along the way."

Myron Thompson
Myron Thompson President- Smart Energy Hawaii

"I'm biased. I've known Keith for about a decade. However, what he's created here is like a lego block set. You can build your business any way you want with the tools he's providing you. He must know something, if you know his background and success. I use his knowledge and insights now in my work and they pay dividends."

Drew Bradley
Drew Bradley Hawaii Regional Manager- REC Solar

"With over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry, the information Keith provides is concise, consistent and accurate. Any contracting entity can apply this information and have a better run company by using just 10% of what he teaches."

Ron Hooson
Ron Hooson President- Solar Inspectors Hawaii

"I met Keith in 2000, prior to starting SunEdison. We always knew we would work together. After we acquired his company and combed through all of his systems, it validated what we already knew. He had a system for producing results. It is also why I endorsed his book. If you want to grow your business, follow what he says and put it into action!"

Jigar Shah
Jigar Shah Jigar Shah Consulting

A Little Background......

Keith Cronin

After almost 2 decades in the Solar Business and working with hundreds of companies on every continent, they all had something in common.

They all wanted a simple, systems based approach to managing their businesses.

Well, we have all of the tools you need to succeed, in one place. Learn below how this will help you profitably scale your business.

Keith Cronin, Founder and CEO, SunHedge

Knowing the numbers and communicating in business are the pillars of success. After experiencing explosive growth in the solar industry and having my company acquired by SunEdison, I've seen alot.

Post exit, I've worked with companies around the globe to put together growth plans for their success.

Most of these people are making over $250,000 a year in income. Some much more.

Let me help you fuel your growth, profitably with a proven system.


We've Jam Packed In Our Future Course Offerings And These Special Bonuses To Make This Even Easier For You To Join...

As we build the course content out further, you get access to it all! We love feedback from clients and you are the source of our greatest content creation as we want to fulfill your needs.

Some Of The Additional Courses Coming Up

  • Customer Service- it is always about the user experience. Today, with social media, you need to stay ahead of the curve and manage expectations at a higher level than ever before. The BBB is less effective today than Yelp, Facebook and Angie's List. We will show you how to deliver incredible service to meet customers needs beyond your competition.
  • Operations Handbook- What is the difference between being in the office or field all day versus other companies? It's the ability to have a system to run your business. The Operations Handbook will lay out a daily, weekly and monthly road map for your team to follow and implement.
  • Solar MBA- What does it take to build, design, own and finance a 600kW PV system in Hawaii in the Feed In Tariff program that makes over $20,000 a month in revenue? A real world project with real numbers. We will walk you through every aspect of the project. From how we got the land lease, negotiated with the owner, chose a developer, designed the system, coordinated with the utility. You'll get all the economics of the deal and regardless of how much money you have to own and build your own, you can scale the modeling we did for your goals.
  • There are a few more surprises coming up......stay tuned!


  • Bonus 1 - 30 Minutes On The Phone With You

    I want to help you succeed. Plain and simple. So, after you sign up, lets schedule a call. Tell me more about you, your business, where you’re at and where you want to go.

    We can get to your core issues and give you some immediate feedback to propel you forward faster.

    If you’re outside of the USA, we can do a Skype call, so don’t worry.

  • Bonus 2 - The Book- Solar Success Principles

    Business is business, as we’ve all been told. It’s true and I will tell you why. The fundamentals are usually broken down into a few categories. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Execution, Number Crunching (keeping score), etc.

    Sure, there are others. We cover 99% of them in the book. You’ll learn the metrics and the signposts for success. I’ll show you how I did it and how you can model this for yourself.

    So, I’m going to mail you a copy of the book. Just provide your contact info and we will get it to you ASAP.

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Watch This Video To See How Easy
You Can Implement This…

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee...

Stay for a month....if the quality of the content didn't meet your expectations, let us know.

We'll give you a refund. We believe in our products and want you to succeed.

These tools have served me well and continue to, to this day. I'm confident they will help you grow and expand your business if implemented.

This is why I'm offering our suite of products for a low monthly fee.

If you bought these courses individually, they would cost much, much more.

We believe in what we've created and want to see you implement these systems and be successful too.

It will take time to learn something new, but the investment will pay dividends way into the future. Your family and your company will thank you.

You'll have more free time and alot more money. Isn't that why you got into business in the first place?

Just decide.

Aloha my friend,

Keith Cronin


The Contractor Business Academy

The Simple System To
Master Your Business Goals, Today

Jae Kwak Jae Kwak, CFO- Haleakala Solar

"Keith has put together an impressive array of course content for companies to scale their businesses. I've attended his workshops and his advice is invaluable, if you use it."

Ron Dorris Ron Dorris, President- Ron Dorris Electric

"When we started applying Keith's business tools to our company, we experienced more revenues and profits. We also have a more communicative work environment. His Copy Conversion course has also changed the way we communicate to our customers and it just plain works."

Get started today - here is what you get:

  • Access to proven resources used in businesses across the globe
  • A business-in-a-box that is completely customizable to your needs
  • Continued access to all new course content each month
  • Powerful excel tools to grow and scale your sales and operations teams
  • A complete suite of operations manuals, marketing tools, business planning guides, sales training
  • From customer service to tracking profitability on each job- its all here
  • Why some people buy from you and others that don't
  • Writing for profits- how making small tweaks to your emails, website copy, advertisements can make you the authority in your marketplace
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Some Commonly Asked Questions...

  • q-iconHow does all of this work?

    You sign up for monthly access to all of our content and it is automatically renewed each month. Each course is a step-by-step process. You watch, listen, practice, learn and earn.

  • q-iconWhat do I get for the monthly fee?

    You will have access to all of our content. Over 20 hours of video training, Excel, Word, PDF’s, Mind maps, plans, strategies that are given in a step-by-step format. You can take our templates, cut and paste your logo on them and use them immediately.

  • q-iconHow long can I stay?

    You can stay as long as you like. Most of us learn by repetition and want to watch and learn over time. This is how we are able to remember and reinforce what we have learned. We are adding new content often, so check back and see what we’ve recently rolled out for you.

  • q-iconWhat other things will be coming up?

    We have a current road map as outlined above, but welcome anything you believe will be valuable to you and your specific needs. So please send an email to kcronin (at) sunhedge.com

    What kinds of things are you looking for help with?

  • q-iconHow is the course material delivered?

    We hold nothing back. You get access to all of it from day one. Each course is in its own “container”, so to speak. This way you never get side tracked and can focus on that specific area of interest. Sure, you can jump around to other courses in the private members area, based upon your current needs.

  • q-iconDo you offer one-on-one assistance?

    Part of the idea to make the course cost effective and reachable by people all over the world, we needed it to be online. We do offer consulting services outside of the course. Contact us if you need something specific you need help with, but one-on-one consulting assistance is an additional fee.

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